Series of webinar in Collaboration with YP Montreal, on the theme of emotional intelligence. 30/10/2021 :

  • IEEE Tunisia Section, IEEE YP Tunisia in Collaboration with IEEE YP Montreal are organizing a Webinar (Open) on the theme “Using emotional intelligence to lead and collaborate” on October 30, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. EDT (Canada time)
    We have the immense pleasure and privilege to welcome our renowned speaker Dr Slim Masmoudi, Ph.D, Scientific Research Advisor at Naif Arab. University of Security Sciences, Riadh, KSA.Thank you to the Young Professionals IEEE Montreal Section and IEEE Tunisia Young Professionals AG teams for their efforts! Nihed Ghédira Alaa ABDALLAH Tarek Loukil Kayoum Djedidi Mansour Naslcheraghi Joel Dodoo and all those who contributed to this event. Thanks For your efforts!
  • Join us via this link: collaborative initiative that we hope is the start of a lineage.

    Thank you also to our partners, The Tunisian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their support within the framework of this event which links our two communities!

GUI Workshops using TouchGfx 02/2021 :

  • As a part of our technical training, we have delivered GUI programming for electrical engineering students and freshmen to make them able to get an internship or adjust their skills to find a better job.


STM32 workshop and exposition during the Forum of the National school of engineering in Monastir: 01/2021

  • Our chair Alaa Abdallah had a great pleasure, as an ENIM ALUMNI, to be well presented in the National Engineering School of Monastir (ENIM) Forum.Several promotion sessions took place where ST products were promoted in a way that makes all the students have a good warm-up to start their STM32 products.

    Meanwhile, a workshop session about STM32WB in order to give the attendees especially the young professionals a small taste of how far they can go with the ST wireless products.


IEEE Tunisian Students and Young professionals Congress 2020

The IEEE  YP Tunisia SAC was present for the 8th edition of the IEEE TSYP Congress from the 14th to the 16th of March at Lemdina Convention Center.

But we were not only present, because we have delivered 2 workshops each one 6 hours. The first one was about Embedded programming, C/C++ programming. And the second one was about how to be engaged with the YP. After the sessions, we distributed a link where students could tell us about their feed and they decide whether they are motivated to join us or not, and we were impressed about the positive feedback and the motivations to join us even for the students’ members.